73 minutes w/ rianne hulshof

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Hi, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi! Yeah, sure. I’m Rianne, 24 years old and I live in Velp. In my sparetime I like all things an art academy like ArtEZ hates.

So Rianne, how is the whole graduation experience doing it for you?

Maybe it’s kind of cliche to say it like this, but it’s pretty much the best time of the entire education. It’s nice to finally do something I want to do and research instead of finding a way in an assignment a teacher gives you.

Would you tell us about your research project?

My research project is about the North Pacific Garbage Patch, which is an area in the Pacific Ocean where all the plastic in the world ends up and defragments into smaller and smaller particles. The media often describe the Garbage Patch as a ‘soup’ or an island and that’s what got me. Of course it isn’t really an island as such, but what if it was? So out of an entire ocean of reports I picked the most reliable information and created a scenario of circumstances out of it, under which I designed an island. That island is —due to wind and sea currents— floating to the Economic Zone of Hawaii, where, after crossing that border, the plastic becomes America’s problem. Of course America doesn’t want the plastic, because it’s expensive to clean, etc and not all of it is coming from America. Then I found an article about a Dutch company who developed a machine that can produce oil out of plastic. And that’s really interesting, because that would mean that the plastic isle would become some sort of floating oil field.

What where some important influences for the creation of your project the way it’s constructed currently?

I studied a lot of nautical charts and a book called ‘The Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands’.

Other books that inspired me where ‘Hyperobjects’ and ‘Moby Duck’. And what also really helped me was talking to as many people as possible, varying from teachers and classmates to my family and friends.

Does your graduation, to you, feel as like it’s your Mona Lisa of work so far?

Haha, ehm, well I haven’t thought of it like that, but yeah in some way it does.

Well, let’s move over to another project. Could you briefly inform us on the subject of your thesis?

The subject of my thesis is collective authorship and the way your role as author, either as a designer or an artist, shifts when you let your audience participate in your work.

Has your thesis had a certain influence on deciding on the research assignment? If yes, in what way?

No not at all. I think the projects couldn’t be more different.

To what sense would you like your this project, and it’s methodology, to correspond to your practice after graduation?

Well, I would like to specialize more in making maps and continue researching the subject
of my thesis.

Another subject: Where did you do your internship?

My internship was at Atelier van Wageningen and their typefoundry Novo Typo in Amsterdam.

In what way has the experience of doing an internship changed you, or, your (design) beliefs or (work)habits?

I learned to not be afraid to stay closer to myself.

Did they serve avocado during lunch?

Hahahaha, no.

But Mark did offer to serve avocado though, because he didn’t want me to miss out on my classmates.

Could you inform us on your partner, client and type of assigment for the practical assignment?

My partner for the practical assignment is Dominiek Kampman, our client was the IABR (International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam) and we had to design a publication on Carbon Added Tax.

Carbon Added Tax is an interesting subject and I have some sort of scientific background, so I enjoyed combining ‘science’ with graphic design.

What will you be doing in 5 years from now?

Work as a graphic designer, I hope.

Ok. Last question: Any tips for upcoming graduate, or new students?

Pick a subject that’s close to yourself, because you’ll get a lot of comments from a lot of people and then you still have to stay enthusiastic about your project. Train yourself to stay awake all night, haha!