328 minutes w/ corine van der wal

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Could you briefly introduce yourself?

So i’am Corine 26, working at te moment in a coffee bar, where there is often also exhibitions. I omschrijf myself a little bit perfectionist, like to work with printed matter and have a passion for my plants. Maybe you should leave the last this out. Before i started graphic design in Arnhem i did a more practical study in photography 4 year. After that i did the pre–study on ArtEZ and started to know graphic design. During the last four year, i got interested in typography, and specially in the detail, micro–typography. I love to work for hours in a indesign book file and zink in the details of all the glyph. I find it really interesting to find a way to make traditional book design modern.

How are you liking graduation so far?

That’s a tricky question, because i got orange whit the frist green light presentation, and i did not see that coming. But i will be honest. The way i am working the last four months are great, i have so much fun, i think it is because the past three year you get a assignment, so there is already a topic for your project, and you have to switch every day to another assignment, almost 6 times a week. And after three years you can develop your own topic. The way you working constantly on one project, works really good, i like it. It almost feels like a real job.

Maybe now would be a good time to introduce your research project?

‘2nd seven year plan program of iran’. It starts with a personal archive from my grandfather. My grandparents moved for 7 years to Teheran (Persia). It was the era of the Sjah at that time (1956–1962). During that time my grandfather kept an amazing archive with photo dia’s, letters, maps, etc. At the end of the 2nd year of mine study i was already thinking to use this archive for my graduation project. I only had to find a way to make not only interesting for me and mine family but also for more people. It was hard to find more information about this period in Persia, that is because it was for the revolution, so i had not so many background information. Will i was going through the photo’s, more then 2000, there was one photo of a road sign. (the one i gave you) that says “PLAN ORGANISATION OF IRAN, WORK ON 2ND SEVEN YEAR PLAN, PLAN ORGANISATION PROJECT”. I found out that there was a book about the project, after help from the openbare bibliotheek, the found one edition in the university library in Rotterdam and the got it for me. Then i found out that these seven year plan where exactly the same years that mine grandparent lives in Tehran. And while i was reading the text there was a lot similarity with the archive of mine grandfather. So the reason the moved to Tehran was that mine grandfather worked on the development of the infrastructure. So plan is to re–publish the book, but also tell a story of a western family by using the archive.

What were some important references during your research project?

http://www.titreprovisoire.de/arbeiten/unfinished–business.html. This is a really important inspiration. There was this problem in the beginning that the project became to personal. So i found this project, and what the did, the made a movie with personal data of people of Germany who also lived and worked in Iran. But the used these data to tell the story how Germany worked on nuclear program in Iran. This was the solution for me, i had to find a another story for the personal archive than the family story. And then i found the book.



Does this project also feel like it’s your mona lisa of work so far?

No. I made in the third year a book about hacked passwords of Yahoo and transferred into a medical plants encyclopaedia. I found it interesting how you can make actually boring data in something news

Could you maybe talk a little on the topic of your thesis?

I love printed matter. Now we are living in a digital revolution. newspapers are slowly disappearing, and most of the novel you can read on a device. My question was, how printed matter changed in design trough the digitalisation.

Did writing your thesis in any way influence the way you think about design?

Ofcourse, in my thesis i am trying to explain how important is, not only for our history, but also the way how people read. Designing a text for a printed book, get must more attention the for a digital design. But because people read more en more digital i found it really interesting to see also how design of text changed trough digital media.

Would you like to continue working like you did now, in the future?

Yes, maybe in the way of thinking about digital design, to improve it. But also working with printed matter, how you have to think in practice, how you have to design in a way that people will read it.

Where did you do your internship, and could you introduce the studio?

at e o t Berlin (essays on typograhic), a small studio founded by Lilla Hinrichs and Anna Sartorius. They are primarily concerned with book and exhibition design and collaborate with museums, publishers, curators, artists, authors and scientists.

Could you tell me a little how this experience of doing an internship in your case abroad changed the way you view design?

So there they are working a lot with book typography, which is good for me. The German have so many more rules in typography the we dutch designers, so i learned a lot. also the printing part, like how you have to manage your PMS colours for the off set printer. Also the way how the develop a concept, and sketch, it takes time to work with clients and try to convince them with your design, because some of these people don’t have a idea about design. It is really different then how it works at the academy.

Did they serve avocado during lunch?

No. Keine Advocado. Most of the time we had patatos for lunch, germans.

So, tell me about your practical assignment?

Yes the practical assignment, me and suzanne are working on a system how you can publish in a digital environment. Valiz is a publishing house based in Amsterdam. The are doing already research on digital publishing trough ePub. Know had to task to also think and develop a digital distribution method for the ‘Antennae serie’ books. After the research on distribution method we are designing the books for a digital platform.

Five years from now you’ll be doing what?

maybe the plan is to work at the TAPE and meanwhile starting a own studio. But i also want to start a little shop, where you can buy, advocate trees and cacti. maybe sell small publications, and meanwhile have a desk in the shop to work.

I just hope to have my own studio, but it would be also great to work for a bigger graphic design studio. I am hoping that i get to know people from different disciplines so we can help each other.

Do you have any tips, or strokes of wisdom for upcoming graduate students?

Stick with your own in interests, do not try to make develop something you don’t know the technical specifications of.