78 minutes w/ desiree staarman

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Could you introduce yourself please?

My name is Desiree Staarman and I’m 27 years old. This is my second study so I do it part time. In between studys I travelled ove the world for eight months.

How is the whole graduation experience doing it for you?

It’s a great and heavy experience. You really have to work hard and be focused on what you are doing and why. It is fun that you can work with things that you really like in design and life but you also have three teachers who has opinions what can be difficult some times. But I have learned a lot the past school year!

Could you tell us something about your research project?

The research project is about time and it is bundled in a book. The book is called Momentum. I would like to show the beauty of everyday things to see what you’re passing through in the hectic experience of time. In this project I take the time and you can see my graphic fascination wat has given me in that moment.

What were some important influences or inspirations for the creation of your project and the way it’s constructed currently?

I noticed that I was always working and running and I was never enjoying little things in life or living in the moment. As a result, I got inspired by different types of time. After my research I wanted a method where I had to stop at that moment and really look around me. What do I see and what fascinates me? I had given seven persons a card with the message that they had to contact me on a certain day. Each person was chosen for a day of the week and they gave me a STOP message. When I received that message I had to stop doing what I was doing en look around me. These seven moments (each day of the week) inspired me to take the time for that fascination. So the book has seven outcomes bundled together.

Does this project, to you, feel as like it’s the ‘Mona Lisa’ of all of your work so far?

[Certainly. The large book containing all the graphic surprises is really something that suits me. You can really see my love for patterns and organizing. The book is very personal because the outcomes of the moments are my fascinations. Somebody else would see something else in that moment. So you really see my personality in it and it is the biggest project I have worked on so far.

Onto another part of graduation: could you briefly inform us on the subject of your thesis?

My thesis is about patterns. The question of my thesis is: Are patterns forms of meaningless decoration? I talk about patterns in nature, culture and religion, and patterns in art.

So, the subject of your thesis has probably had a certain influence on deciding what to do for your research project I guess?

Yes indeed. It is the way I show the everyday things in my Momentum book. You can see my love for patterns in the research project but it isn’t about patterns. If you put chaos and time together you will always find patterns.

To what sense would you like these projects, and their methodology, to correspond to your practice after graduation?

I would love to work with the stop method I used for the research project because then you never know what the outcome will be. And after graduation you have to make money so this method would makes sure that I will be living in the now. I am sure that after graduation I will make more patterns!

Could you inform us on your client and type of assignment for the practical assignment?

For my practical assignment I made a theater brochure. I made this for a theater in Amersfoort. But they are not going to use it so I hope they will in the future! I want to pitch it for them.

Could you perhaps tell a little on your whole ‘GDA Experience’ as to how you’ve experienced over all in the last couple of years?

It was always intens and hard work because I did the study part time but it was worth it. I learned so much about typography, design, illustrations and concepts. There were great teachers who really learned me to draw outsides the lines and gave me allot of knowledge about good design in the world.

What do you see yourself doing in about 5 years from now?

I want to be the owner of my own design studio. Working with different kinds of people on many projects. I want to make great and beautiful things what makes me and others happy.

Any advice for upcoming braduate students or new students?

If you are going to graduate you must ensure that your framework is clear and your method otherwise you can get lost in your interests.