58 minutes w/ iris ijsvelt

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Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Iris IJsvelt, I’m 22 years old and I live in Arnhem.

How is the whole graduation experience doing it for you?

It’s a periode where you really have to make choices for yourself and stay close to what you want to do. This was sometimes a bit difficult but also a good learning process.

Could you tell us about your research project?

My research project is about plastic objects which I found on the streets or in secondhand stores. The objects are left behind and I want to show these because a lot of people don’t seem to notice them anymore. In the project I am giving the objects a new function by using them again in a visual game of ordening, typology and structure. It’s about my view at the stuff we leave behind.

What was the urgency for you to start this project?

I have always been interested in using material that already exists. This is also what I am doing in this project. I want to show people something that I found very interesting and beautiful. I want to show people what is already there and what people walk by, and what they don’t see anymore.

What were some important influences for the creation of your project the way it’s constructed currently? Like, did you look at a certain designer or artwork, which inspired you?

I started to research the method of using existing materials in my thesis. Examples like Erik Kessels, Harmen Liemburg and Jon Rafman inspired me to use material which is already there. And now that I am making a video I’ve also looked at more video performances. But the most importend influence was the stuff that I could find in the streets, they made me think about a good way to show them, which eventually became video.

Does your this project, to you, feel as like it’s your Mona Lisa of your work so far?

I think / I hope that I will make a lot of these projects in the future. But for now it is definitely my ‘Mona Lisa’.

Could you briefly inform us on the subject of your thesis?

My thesis is about the collector in the digital age. It’s about designers and artists who make a choice nowadays to use the internet as a collecting source or they make the choice to use analog methods to collect.

Has your thesis had a certain influence on deciding on the subject of your research assignment? if yes, in what way?

Yes it had a big influence on my research project. It made me look at collections of existing material and this is also what I am doing in my project, but then in my own way. And it also made me realize that there is a lot to find in ‘the analog world’.

To what sense would you like this project, and it’s methodology, to correspond to your practice after graduation?

I really like the way I am working with something that I have found and than use it in a formal study of color, shape, size etc. These kind of studies I would love to keep doing after graduation.

Where did you do your internship?

I did my internship at Raw Color in Eindhoven.

In what way has the experience of doing an internship changed you of your (design)beliefs or (work)habits?

It did not really change it. But it did make me realize even more that graphic design can be used really good in combination with photography, film, textile etc. So it made me open up more to these different ways of working.

Did they serve avocado during lunch?

Hahaha yes they did! And now I am addicted to avocado’s.

Could you inform us on your partner, client and type of assignment for the practical assignment?

I worked together with Kimberley Rutjes on a project for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. We worked with Carolien Glazenburg of the Stedelijk Museum. We were asked to make a catalog of the posters made for the Stedelijk Museum. It was an overview of the posters made from 1900 till now. The collaboration went really well! We both have our own qualities and we used them. And we made a book which we are both really happy with!

Five years from now, you’ll be doing what?

I hope I have a nice place where I can work for myself and make things that make me happy and hopefully other people too!

Any tips for upcoming graduate students? Or for new students?

Wellll if you become a new student at ArtEZ, really I guess it’s being true to yourself! Make things that you want to make and don’t let other people distract you. Listen to everything everybody has to say but then really make your own choices! AND…. try to relax once in a while. AND ROCK ON!