207 minutes w/ maartje de goede

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Hi! Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m Maartje, I’m 21 and live in Utrecht. I think you can call me a graphic designer even though
I still don’t know what that means. Through my work I try to make the world a nicer place.

So Maartje, how is the whole ‘graduation experience’ doing it
for you?

It’s less stressful than expected! I haven’t even done an allnighter yet and only had the occasional ‘oh my god, what will i do with my future!’–panic attack. It’s fun. And I really like the free printer in our own classroom. Also the plant.

Would you tell us about your research project?

I’ve researched the impacts that our society would suffer if we’d go from being a welfare state to
a participation society, as our current government would like. As a response to the things that would deteriorate, I’ve come up with inventions. They’re products that help people participate in society, Dutch citizens can build them themselves with the manuals I produced. The collection of inventions is shown on a website* and will keep growing with suggestion that people can submit themselves. During the graduation expo I’ll show all the products that have been invented till then.


What were some important influences for the creation of your project the way it’s constructed currently?

I think ArtEZ itself was a big influence. I have never really found my way in graphic design… aaand… the school has shown me that as well. I’m not just that into typography and ‘contemporary design culture’. I’d decided I wanted to make something fun and I didn’t think school was fun last year, so I took a big leap and made my most non–graphic design project ever and that really worked. It’s what I want to do. My internship** has been another big influence, over there I learned how to make art projects real and get the public to participate in them.

** Circus Engelbregt

Does your graduation, to you, feel as like it’s your ‘Mona Lisa’ of work so far?

Nope, very much not the Mona Lisa in terms of aesthetics. It is my most real and accesible work so far though, and since that’s what I aspire I guess you could say it feels like my best project.

Ok, well let’s go to another topic. Could you briefly inform us on the subject of your thesis?

I could! My thesis is about aesthetics in grapheme synesthesia–visualisation, which probably makes most people none the wiser. Grapheme–synesthesia is a condition which I have that makes people read in colour: all digits are connected to a specific colour in the mind of a synesthete. For example, in my mind I see the letter A as a forest green, and the number 3 as orange.

This has helped me a lot with learning languages and could help people that have trouble with reading and learning languages, because it adds another factor to help remember words. People have tried to visualise this experience in both science and art for ages, but it’s never exactly right. In my thesis I look for a way to visualise this form of synesthesia on the border of art and science. The thesis is a source book for typographers who wish to make a coloured typeface that can visualise synesthesia and in that way help people with readingproblems.

So yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with my research project.

Has your thesis had a certain influence on deciding on the research assignment?if yes, in what way?

It hasn’t had any influence. I briefly thought about making a synesthesia–font as my research assignment but then I remembered that I don’t really like typography and that there are people around that are way better than me at that, that’s why it’s a sourcebook.

To what sense would you like your this project, and the methodology used, to correspond to your practice after graduation?

Oh dear, here come the future–questions, I’ve been trying to avoid them for weeks. I do think about them, there’s just so much I want to do!

I would like to make more projects like this one. I’d like to work together with people who care about the same things as I do, and create things in which people can participate, and projects that get their own life after they’ve been introduced to the world.

Where did you do your internship?

At Circus Engelbregt, former EGBG, the studio of Martijn Engelbregt in Amsterdam.

In what way has the experience of doing an internship changed you, or, your (design) beliefs or (work)habits?

I have learned so much during my internship! It was an amazing experience. I’ve come to realise that a lot is possible if you just act like it’s a normal thing to ask, do or make. I still have the same ‘designbeliefs’ but they’re expanded to the belief that I can do whatever the hell I want if the story’s good enough. Spoken and unspoken design rules are very breakable if you break them consciously.

Also: yoga and holistic worldviews!

Did they serve avocado during lunch?

Hahahaha. Yes, all the time. I’ve come to appreciate avocado very much.It’s the ultimate designerfood.

Onto another one of the projects of graduation: could you inform us on your partner, client and type of assigment for the practical assignment?

I worked together with Vincent Hammingh for the IABR (via Catalogtree), we made a publication about Carbon Added Tax, a great solution for climate change problems.

The corporation went really well, I think we complement eachother well in our work! (Fortunately, Vincent is very good in typography and I in turn can handle lots of data) The assignment went great and smoothly. Besides that, it was about saving the world, or at least the climate, so that’s great anyhow.

We had a lot of fun (Oh! And if I can I’d like to thank Walter from the printing work place here for his patience with all our weird printing technique–wishes).

Five years from now, you’ll be doing what?


Okay… I’ll either be singing in a traveling folkband in Scandinavia, or be chained to a tree somehwere, or be making extremely succesful art projects or I’ll have written ten books and will live in a castle with all my friends and adopted pets and actually I have no clue whatsoever, but I hope I’ll be saving the world in some way.

And last but not least: any tips or advice for upcoming graduate students, or new students?

Run away, run away! Or the all–time favourite: be yourself, or at least try to find out who you are and what you want and don’t let anyone tell you that that’s not enough. And be healthy, sleep and sanity are more important than good grades. If anyone says otherwise: screw ‘em.

328 minutes w/ corine van der wal

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Could you briefly introduce yourself?

So i’am Corine 26, working at te moment in a coffee bar, where there is often also exhibitions. I omschrijf myself a little bit perfectionist, like to work with printed matter and have a passion for my plants. Maybe you should leave the last this out. Before i started graphic design in Arnhem i did a more practical study in photography 4 year. After that i did the pre–study on ArtEZ and started to know graphic design. During the last four year, i got interested in typography, and specially in the detail, micro–typography. I love to work for hours in a indesign book file and zink in the details of all the glyph. I find it really interesting to find a way to make traditional book design modern.

How are you liking graduation so far?

That’s a tricky question, because i got orange whit the frist green light presentation, and i did not see that coming. But i will be honest. The way i am working the last four months are great, i have so much fun, i think it is because the past three year you get a assignment, so there is already a topic for your project, and you have to switch every day to another assignment, almost 6 times a week. And after three years you can develop your own topic. The way you working constantly on one project, works really good, i like it. It almost feels like a real job.

Maybe now would be a good time to introduce your research project?

‘2nd seven year plan program of iran’. It starts with a personal archive from my grandfather. My grandparents moved for 7 years to Teheran (Persia). It was the era of the Sjah at that time (1956–1962). During that time my grandfather kept an amazing archive with photo dia’s, letters, maps, etc. At the end of the 2nd year of mine study i was already thinking to use this archive for my graduation project. I only had to find a way to make not only interesting for me and mine family but also for more people. It was hard to find more information about this period in Persia, that is because it was for the revolution, so i had not so many background information. Will i was going through the photo’s, more then 2000, there was one photo of a road sign. (the one i gave you) that says “PLAN ORGANISATION OF IRAN, WORK ON 2ND SEVEN YEAR PLAN, PLAN ORGANISATION PROJECT”. I found out that there was a book about the project, after help from the openbare bibliotheek, the found one edition in the university library in Rotterdam and the got it for me. Then i found out that these seven year plan where exactly the same years that mine grandparent lives in Tehran. And while i was reading the text there was a lot similarity with the archive of mine grandfather. So the reason the moved to Tehran was that mine grandfather worked on the development of the infrastructure. So plan is to re–publish the book, but also tell a story of a western family by using the archive.

What were some important references during your research project?

http://www.titreprovisoire.de/arbeiten/unfinished–business.html. This is a really important inspiration. There was this problem in the beginning that the project became to personal. So i found this project, and what the did, the made a movie with personal data of people of Germany who also lived and worked in Iran. But the used these data to tell the story how Germany worked on nuclear program in Iran. This was the solution for me, i had to find a another story for the personal archive than the family story. And then i found the book.



Does this project also feel like it’s your mona lisa of work so far?

No. I made in the third year a book about hacked passwords of Yahoo and transferred into a medical plants encyclopaedia. I found it interesting how you can make actually boring data in something news

Could you maybe talk a little on the topic of your thesis?

I love printed matter. Now we are living in a digital revolution. newspapers are slowly disappearing, and most of the novel you can read on a device. My question was, how printed matter changed in design trough the digitalisation.

Did writing your thesis in any way influence the way you think about design?

Ofcourse, in my thesis i am trying to explain how important is, not only for our history, but also the way how people read. Designing a text for a printed book, get must more attention the for a digital design. But because people read more en more digital i found it really interesting to see also how design of text changed trough digital media.

Would you like to continue working like you did now, in the future?

Yes, maybe in the way of thinking about digital design, to improve it. But also working with printed matter, how you have to think in practice, how you have to design in a way that people will read it.

Where did you do your internship, and could you introduce the studio?

at e o t Berlin (essays on typograhic), a small studio founded by Lilla Hinrichs and Anna Sartorius. They are primarily concerned with book and exhibition design and collaborate with museums, publishers, curators, artists, authors and scientists.

Could you tell me a little how this experience of doing an internship in your case abroad changed the way you view design?

So there they are working a lot with book typography, which is good for me. The German have so many more rules in typography the we dutch designers, so i learned a lot. also the printing part, like how you have to manage your PMS colours for the off set printer. Also the way how the develop a concept, and sketch, it takes time to work with clients and try to convince them with your design, because some of these people don’t have a idea about design. It is really different then how it works at the academy.

Did they serve avocado during lunch?

No. Keine Advocado. Most of the time we had patatos for lunch, germans.

So, tell me about your practical assignment?

Yes the practical assignment, me and suzanne are working on a system how you can publish in a digital environment. Valiz is a publishing house based in Amsterdam. The are doing already research on digital publishing trough ePub. Know had to task to also think and develop a digital distribution method for the ‘Antennae serie’ books. After the research on distribution method we are designing the books for a digital platform.

Five years from now you’ll be doing what?

maybe the plan is to work at the TAPE and meanwhile starting a own studio. But i also want to start a little shop, where you can buy, advocate trees and cacti. maybe sell small publications, and meanwhile have a desk in the shop to work.

I just hope to have my own studio, but it would be also great to work for a bigger graphic design studio. I am hoping that i get to know people from different disciplines so we can help each other.

Do you have any tips, or strokes of wisdom for upcoming graduate students?

Stick with your own in interests, do not try to make develop something you don’t know the technical specifications of.

175 minutes w/ nils rotgans

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Well hello, could you perhaps briefly introduce yourself?

I’m a graduation student interaction design. My focus is to make design with new media and old. Im very interested in information design and interaction design. To combine design and new media to com to a new elegant designs.

How is the whole graduation experience doing it for you?

on the academy we always had a instruction to make a project from. I think we had a lot of freedom but with the last project you could do everything. I thought that was very hard at start. But it is so fantastic to start research project just smal and make it to something big. I have loved the journey the most. Every time an other way to explore. And a totally unexpected end of the project. About the time pressure I think that is very personal, I actually work better with a fast deadline coming up.

Could you tell me something about your research project and what it’s about ?

Well it’s about my dislike on text. And how the dutch politic system and the media around it. Every time there are elections the political parties bring out a book about everything they promise us. That was the start of the project. I’m a person that is very match visual thinker. I don’t like reading a lot. And have a hard time to read every book that the parties give to the public. I wanted to make a visual interface that trimmed every personality and fake promise from the system. A honest image of the dutch politic system. without opinions and promises. Just show what the politic really is doing.

What were some important references for the project?

I had a lot of inspiration in data visualizations from the british and american money streams. And the most of my data i used is calculated by CPB and CBS. That are dutch agencies that keep track of the data what the politic generates.

Does this project to you feel like your mona lisa of projects?

Well, this is my biggest project jet. So in that perspective yes. But it is far from finished i need to find the time, money and energy to make it something real. The part that is now ready is just been researching. It is not reachable for everyone.

Could you tell me a little about your thesis?

Well, it’s could interactive architecture. Its about the media art in public locations. and what the artists do with the fact that more and more of our public space get more cameras and security. The big CCVT spaces that is slowly coming up. We get scanned and put in a archief. we don’t have any control about that and we don’t now about it. With my design i did the same. People that come in to the graduation expo, every one of them i photographed the face. Without their knowledge. after i took the picture i made a “offline” archive. I Printed the faces. My aim was to distribute knowledge from my thesis. So every time a person came in the room he printed his face with the text of my thesis. The person who did’t want his or her face to by in the archief needed to take my thesis.

Where did you do your internship?

At Art+Com a berlin based interactive media studio. They make a lot of installations with new media. i liked them because they work with big project and smal and the design is mostly indoors. it was a great way to learn a lot. A lot of different professions are working there. architects, interaction designers, graphic designers, hackers/developers ect. All to make conceptual work with new media.

Did doing an internship also influence some beliefs you have about design? and how did it change you?

Yes, but i was there for 6 months a lot of time to learn about a lot. I think my work did get a lot more mature. I cant say exactly what changed in my design, it is more the overall look and feel. The thing that did not change was my information design. That was the thing they did not have.

Did they serve avocado’s during lunch?

Ha!? not that i recall. sorry not of the top of my head. its already a year ago.

Next up is the practical assignment, could you tell me a little about that?

Sure!, we worked together with GoShort a short film, film festival in Nijmegen. We were ask to make a new sort of comment system. Like you find on soundcloud, youtube, reddit ect. Well you run fast in problems if you try that. we all know a lot of sh*t get on the internet and we did’t want that. so no text. also there needed to be a way to simple make a commend on a movie. In the and we came up with an idea with drawing a simple line. the hight of the line represented how good you think it was. and the width position with the timeline of the movie. People who went to the festival could do that on there smartphone and on ipads in the main hall, for each movie. In the main hall where also 2 big interactive posters that showed the last commends, best movie until now and stuf like that. On the last day the best movies always get an award. This year every winner of an awards did get the average line from there movie back. we 3d printed that at the last moment for al of the winers. this line was every interesting because you say what part of the movie the public found great and what not so much.

Five years from now, what will you be doing?

I dont know. i want to start same day my own little studio. but i want to work for a nice big studio until than. i want to go back go berlin. but there is no work for my at the time.

Do you have some tips or advice for upcoming graduate or new students?

Listen to this! all day all night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCy7lLQwToI

i dont realy have any tips. its your own “Journey”.